Girlhood (film)

I went to the screening of Girlhood on campus through the International Film Festival. I went for the pure fact that it sounded like an amazing movie and heard from friends that it was very poignant. I walked out of the movie thinking about the scene at the beginning of the film where the main character Marieme gets called into her schools principals office and is told that she is not performing high enough to move on to high school. This scene shows so much disappointment by Marieme when she asks if she can redo her grade, and the principal responds with an answer along the lines of that she had already done that and it didn’t seem to work. To me it seems like this moment sets the tone for the rest of her life, and though the film is not centered around the school system in Paris or education really at all. In my opinion the rest of Marieme’s future would have been quite different if the school system that she was in could have accommodated her rather than saying best of luck with your life and sending her on her way. They suggested that she go to vocational school, but didn’t provide her with any resources. The rest of the film shows her being dropped into adulthood realities, and putting her in a place where she is forced into hard situations that she would not encountered if she would have been in school. This film touched on many inequalities, gender, race, education, and economic… the list goes on. All of these factors played into how Marieme’s future was set up for her. It made me think about how all education systems need to be based on inclusion and finding a way to accommodate students with all sorts of differing abilities. It seems so evident that Marieme had some learning differences that made school and academics difficult. Having teachers educated on how to accommodate those who are different will help level out the playing field and make society more inclusive to all different types of people. I believe that this movie could be used in the classroom to help educate students on differences.


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