Mo’ne Davis: Throw Like A Girl (Documentary)


In this short documentary it is a perfect example of how youth are stepping out of the box and moving away from trying to fit into our societies stereotypes and create their own identity. Mo’ne is a perfect example she is a 13-year-old girl who is a badass baseball, basketball and all around sports player. At one point in the documentary a speaker describes a scene: “Two boys throwing a ball together, one of them say I’m Mo’ne and then the other is like no, I’m Mo’ne. We all know that the girls aspire to be Mo’ne but here are two boys talking about what it is to be Mo’ne and to perform at that level, I was so surprised and tickled by that.” Here the idea that is being brought up and taught is that women and girls are people to look up to no matter what your gender identity is. The main theme of this documentary is debunking and disassembling this idea that “throwing like a girl” should have a weak, or negative connotation. It is showing that women are strong, intelligent, human beings and should be treated in such a manner. Another woman talked about this: “I think that girls identities especially when they hit the age of twelve or thirteen, and how they see themselves is based on how others see them, the phrase is ‘throw like a girl’ and this belief that doing anything like a girl is less than or not as strong or not as smart or not as far” this beautifully shows the message being conveyed through this documentary. Mo’ne flips the whole phrase around – ‘throw like a girl’. She is an icon for power and girlhood/girl power. Mo’ne ends with a spoken monologue where she says, “go for it, do what ever you want to do no matter if you are a girl or a boy, just go out and do it” and then continues, “I throw 70 mph, that’s throwing like a girl, sincerely Mo’ne Davis.”

This would be an amazing tool to use in the classroom to convey this horrible stereotype of girls and women and the roles that they/we are supposed to play and how we are supposed to do womanly duties and that sports are not for women. This is an amazing example of a young girl writing history and working hard to change that stereotype and change the way other people view women with strength and power.

Another powerful movie that is very connected to this documentary and also speaks on issues of women’s rights especially within sports is A League Of Their Own, here is a link to the trailer:


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