Teaching for Change (Book Reference)

I found a website that essentially is a group of educators who have compiled and continue to research books that highlight “people of color as well as social just themes” for people of all ages. Here are some of Teaching for Change’s mottos:

“Teaching for Change is proud to offer a diverse selection of titles that encourage children and adults to question, challenge, and re-think the world beyond the headlines.”

“Unfortunately, our collection runs counter the industry norm. In the last 10 years, fewer than 10% of children’s books published in the U.S. were by or about people of color. In our Teaching for Change Bookstore, about 85% of children’s books sold are by or about people of color.”

When exploring their website it was super easy to look up children’s literature that pertains to a specific category or theme. Like saying if you wanted to find a book that talked about Asian heritage or culture you could look under that category and finding a whole list of books that fit their requirements. Some of their other themes include: Africa, Afro-Latino, American Indians, Anti-Bias Education, Arab and Arab-Americans, Asian Americans, Black History, Board Books, Central America, Civil Rights Movement, Cuba, Different Abilities, Dominican Republic, Economic Class, Education, El Salvador, Environment/Climate Justice, Freedom Schools, Families, Gender Identity, Grandparents and Elders, Graphic Novels, Haiti, Holidays, Immigration, Labor, Latino and Latin America, LGBTQ, Malcolm X, Music, New, Organizing, Palestine, People’s History, Poetry, Race and Education, Read Aloud, Selma, Slavery and Resistance, SNCC, Spanish/Bilingual, Sports, War and Peace, Washington D.C., women Children and Young Adults, Women-Adult Fiction and nonfiction, White Identity, and age groups.

This is the way in which they choose what books are on their website and in their book store:

“We carefully select titles to ensure access to:

  • Progressive politics, poetry and literature
  • Young adult fiction with real-world themes
  • Multicultural titles for pre-K-12 teachers and parents
  • Independent publishers

Works detailing a “people’s history” – including that of African Americans, Latinos/as, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, labor activists, international populations, and women.”




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