The Mask You Live In (Film)

The Mask You Live In is a movie that discusses the impact of the way our society views masculinity. I have not seen the movie but knowing that it’s produced by The Representation Project, hearing from friends and family that its amazing, and watching the trailer on YouTube I cannot wait to see a screening of it.

I found a TEDx where Joe Ehrmann talks on this topic of masculinity with the title being ‘Be a Man: Joe Ehrmann’ where he talks about how boys grow up being told to man up and stop showing/ having emotions, that they need to stop having feelings—that they need to be a man. Ehrmann talks about myths of masculinity, being: 1) Strength, athletic ability, size, skill set 2) Bedroom, sexual conquest 3) economic success. He talks about how our society has driven men/boys to be very lacking in self-understanding and thus struggle understanding others. Ehrmann brings up a concept that I had not heard before, but can understand; empathy deficit disorder. He brings up a solution though sports, he says men need to get connected, and we need to give boys affirmation on their emotions, showing that its good and acceptable for them to have emotions and feelings. He is saying that we need to move away from the phrase “Be a Man!!” and towards affirming men’s feelings. I found this TEDx to be very interesting and can only imagine how much more informative and moving the move The Mask You Live In must be.


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