What Makes a Family?




I really love this lesson plan; I believe that it brings up a great topic that engages all students because all students can relate to this topic. I have found in my own teachings that it is all too common to just assume that a child has a mom and a dad and make assumptions. By opening up this conversation students are given a space to not only gain language to talk about this but also a chance to learn about their fellow classmates. I found the videos that are included are a bit outdated but are very rich in information. This lesson plan encourages students to reflect on their home and consider and think about others family’s configurations. It is helping students see similarities and differences between themselves and other students. I learned a phrase from my boss and mentor, “we are all the same, and we are all different” the idea being to encourage students to notice and accept similarities and differences and celebrate them. I worked with 4-6 year olds at an amazing summer program where we might say, “see we all have hair, but my hair is dark brown and long, where your hair is blond and short. We are the same because we both have hair but the color and length is different.” Little things like this begin the dialogue to notice that we have so many similarities and so many differences. I find it really important to help children notice them, but also to celebrate them. I was also really impressed that this lesson plan included teaching how to give constructive feedback. This is a great skill that students will need for the rest of their life. This also could also be a great time to include ideas of how to receive feedback. This skill can be a much harder task, but is great to start learning at a young age.

Lastly I was really impressed when the lesson plan said, “as a class determine a criteria or rubric for a successful presentation” this is an amazing way to get students involved in the assessment process, it gives them authority to choose what they find most important and makes for a very democratic learning classroom.


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