Empowering Students

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Engaged pedagogy does not seek simply to empower students. Any classroom that employs a holistic model of learning will also be a place where teachers grow, and are empowered by the process. That empowerment cannot happen if we refuse to be vulnerable while encouraging students to take risks  

[hooks, Teaching to Transgress]

I have been reading a lot of bell hooks’ writing and have felt very empowered by her words. I think I have mostly experienced this through my work in the classroom. I want to empower the students that I work with and I feel that, with my position as volunteer and helper, I am here to learn and understand the dynamics of the classroom and the ways in which they operate. I find hooks’ words to be a perfect representation of my task; empower students by showing my own vulnerability. I have been playing with this idea in regards to my authority and my position in the classroom.


Setting the Tone

I have been thinking a lot about the classroom as a space. I am taking a research methods class this semester and I have chosen to focus on the classroom as a vehicle and space to locate my research. I have the privilege of working and volunteering in elementary school classrooms and feel that this experience, combined with literature and research, will soon become an interesting piece of work. I am excited for the journey with this project and feel that it is very relevant with the work and research that I have been doing here with my focus on anti-bias teachings. This being said, my focus this semester has changed slightly. This semester I will be looking more at improving and critiquing my teaching methods and the ways I interact with students, rather then studying and collecting curriculum. I am excited to have a chance to work more closely with students.