Book Review (of sorts)


I read an ethnography called Mothers United: An Immigrant Struggle for Socially Just Education by Andrea Dyrness. This was an amazing book. It was a page turner and very interesting content wise. Some topics of interest that were discussed in this book were school reform, the relationship between parents and teachers, and it speaks to the mother’s feeling de-legitimize within the process of fighting for a better school for their children. This book talks a lot about race and gender. A women named Baudelia who struggles a lot with her position as a latina mother and an activist, faces many problems with her reputation and the way she is labeled. I was impressed and found it very fitting that Dyrness included a lot of the dialogue in Spanish with translations in English. This book spoke to many issues regarding education, but particularly highlighted the relationship latina mothers have with the authority of the school and the mainstream culture, as well as the teachers involved as they push for the New Community School to better support their children. I think my personal interest is derived from the fact that I want to go into education and this provides a really interesting point of view that I don’t believe is often represented, the marginalized families and the parent’s point of view.


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