Higher Education?

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.22.24 PM

In a video called Success in the New Economy, it speaks to this push for “College for all philosophy” that is not setting students up for success. I really resonated with this as I am in the middle of my four year degree. I found the argument, that there is a misalignment between degrees and job skills, to support my education path, as I move towards getting a masters degree in education. I have utilized work based learning by working in classroom and gaining job skills as I am getting my bachelors degree.

The video presented lots of graphs and images that were interesting but I found a diagram that depicted a representation of how students will succeed in this new economy most enlightening. It showed how students will need to combine technical skills (knowledge, skills, and abilities)  and education (being well educated) to be successful. The diagram suggests that community college is the solution. It was so interesting this push away from four year institutions and a movement towards two year degrees and certificates. I wonder how this push will affect our economy in the future? In the future, will we see another push towards four year institutions? It is just oscillations?


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