“How Environments Affect Learning”


Tedtalk: The case for space- How environments affect learning

I came across this Tedtalk and thought that it had a really compelling argument about how environments affects learning and how space impacts behavior. Sean Corcorran speaks to the classroom space of higher ed when he says, students are all asking “am I going to learn in the way that I learn best in your institution” This question was certainly on my mind as I chose my college and as I began to attend college. He spoke on this transition away from teaching centered to learning centered.

I was very interested in all the imagery he used, showing that little to no change has occurred in classroom spaces, desks are so prevalent. He talks about how the environments of classrooms these days are not exciting. He goes on to talk about how the space does not work with the pedagogies. To represent this he showed a picture of a classroom where the students were all in pods with their desks, but when the teacher was trying to lecture, the students are all twisted and turned around. It shows that the dynamics of teaching pedagogies (and) movement is not allowed with the current structures of the classroom spaces. He says “if we can breakdown the barriers of switching between these modes.” I find classroom space to be so so interesting and Sean Corcorran spoke to changing the desk as a solution. I question if making the classroom space more expansive and expand beyond the four white walls of the classroom how much more engagement we would see?


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