Mini-Kingdom — The Classroom


Authority has been on my mind these last few weeks. I have been thinking about my future career and how I want to structure my own classroom. I will be the teacher, with the authority and position to create any classroom I want (within reason). I was reading bell hooks Teaching to Transgress and came across a quote that really stuck with me

most of my professors were not the slightest bit interested in enlightenment. More than anything they seemed enthralled by the exercise of power and authority within their mini-kingdom, the classroom”

I was particularly interested in this idea of thinking of a classroom as a kingdom. In this situation am I (the teacher) the ruler? I was thinking to myself and began to question my role as an authority in the classrooms that I work in today. Do I have authority? What kind of authority do I want to have? Do I want to “rule” as a dictator or a teacher?
More than anything I am wondering how my role as authority in my (future) classroom will affect the way I teach and come across to my students. How can I successfully create a classroom culture that is inviting to all and accepting of all walks of life. How can I be a educator who uses authority in a positive way.


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