“THAT kid”

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Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid)

This is one of the most powerful articles I have read in a long time. I was laying in my bed before class and began to read this article. I read the title “Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid) and suddenly felt intrigued. This article by Valerie Strauss is adapted from a blog post that Amy Murray wrote. This letter to parents is a tear jerker, well it sure was for me. Honestly I am not sure I can do it justice trying to recount what she said, so just go read it!

After you read the article– continue here.

I was so moved with the way the teacher talks about “THAT kid” with such care and respect. I loved the acknowledgement of the fact that other parents don’t have information about “THAT kid” and will never have the information needed to totally understand why “THAT kid” has the behaviors that are present. I found this article to evoke a lot of emotions for me, first because when I was a kid, for some, I was probably “THAT kid” and second it made me think about the kindergarten class that I am working in and reflecting that there are at least four “THAT kid” students in this class.

Empathy, Empathy, Empathy!!!

This article is a call out for everyone to be more empathetic with each other.

I love the respect for space and privacy “The thing is, there are SO MANY THINGS I can’t tell you about That Child. I can’t even tell you the good stuff.” And then she goes on to say, “The thing is, dear parent, that I can only talk to you about YOUR child. So, what I can tell you is this:If ever, at any point, YOUR child, or any of your children, becomes THAT child…I will not share your personal family business with other parents in the classroom.”

This is a beautiful piece of writing that every parent, educator, students, literally anyone and everyone should read. It is so relevant and highlights feelings that everyone has experience — “THAT kid” just think about it we all know a “THAT kid”, we all have talked about a “THAT kid” before, we have all seen a “THAT kid.” I think it is so beautiful to think what an impact a perspective like this could have such a great impact. I hope this perspective is heard and listened to and I hope that companion and empathy become more prevalent in our education system. This message is powerful!


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