Vocational Education


I read a really interesting article called The Future of Shop Class: How a high school in Georgia is reinventing vocational education by Sophie Quinton. This article speaks about a school in Georgia that is focusing on combining vocational education and college-preparatory education. “It’s not an either/or with us,” said Principal Steve Bartoo. I think that this is very necessary for the direction our society is headed and the direction of our work force. I was interested that this article focused on class and economic benefit of what this school is doing. “Critics worried that such a system would track poor, minority, and immigrant children into working-class jobs, restricting their access to higher education and limiting their social mobility.” I think that this worry is very valid and worried myself about this but then the article mentioned; “The skilled trades have become more, well, skilled, and employers are demanding advanced credentials. By 2020, Carnevale and his colleagues predict, 65 percent of jobs will require postsecondary training.” Duh!! I question why we even bother going to a four year institution unless you really know what you want to do? Why go in debt from a four year institution when you will most likely need to go back to school for the vocational certificate. The article touched on this, speaking to career preparation and how elite colleges are moving in this direction. I think that this is really interesting to think about as I am smack dab in the middle of my four year education. Interesting conversation about equity and class.


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